Monthly recap: February 2016

February was the last month of any formal recovery; my physical therapy came to an end, and I can pretty much do most normal things now (except for climbing down stairs, that’s still a work in progress).

To celebrate my walking without a cast, we went to the Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose (and ended up getting an annual pass; it remains to be seen whether we end up using it).

The big event of the month was our trip to San Diego (my first after the leg fracture in October), for four days.

We went to the zoo on the first day, which was lucky because after that the next two days had surprisingly stormy weather. We spent a great day at the Children’s Museum the next day, and at my brother’s place the next two days. Much fun was had by all 🙂

Monthly recap: January 2017

I went back to work, and things are slowly (but strangely!) getting back to normal.

I can almost walk up and down stairs, which is the last “normal” barrier. I even dropped Tara to daycare and picked her up.

The big downer of this month was some sort of big “norovirus” attack that all three of us have been down with for the past three weeks, on and off.

One achievement is that I’m slowly becoming a morning person, actually getting a few minutes to sit and think and write before starting the day. Let’s hope it continues!

Annual recap: 2016

(being a digest of all the monthly recap posts this year)

  • Started running again this year, did the San Francisco Half-Marathon
  • India (New Delhi, Bekal) trip in March
  • Wrote a trippy mini-novel
  • Tara grows up (toys, Duplo, play-doh, chalk)
  • Not a lot of movies/tv (some Midsomer Murders), but some audiobooks
  • Mexico (Puerta Vallarta) trip in June
  • Saw “Finding Nemo” with Tara
  • Weekend staycation in San Francisco in July
  • Started a “write 750 words daily” habit
  • Moved to a new house and sold the old one
  • New York trip in September
  • Fractured left leg in October
  • Did most of a 1000-piece puzzle
  • Recovery and physiotherapy in November and December

Monthly recap: November 2016


This month was mostly about healing, with a lot of help from my wife and dad.

Resumed a bit of normalcy, in terms of eating out and driving around, etc (and this was a rainy month, see the photo above).

The big event was Tara turning two. So there was decor, and gifts, but I couldn’t help out much 😦

I was gifted a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, which is really too much (did quite a bit while I was on leave, deferred the rest for some time next year when I’m more mobile and can do this at nights), will post a pic when I’m done.

Started physiotherapy and it’s going well, the major milestone at the end of the month was being able to stand on two feet!

Monthly recap: October 2016

My leg, for at the next eight weeks

A lot of other stuff happened in October, but the main event turned out to be a silly accident. At some point I’ll share the X-ray, but basically I had multiple fractures in my tibia/fibula.

Book-wise, I really liked “Hyperion” and since I have, er, more time at home, mostly lying down, went through the sequel (“Fall of Hyperion”) too, but didn’t like that at all. Next up is a list of books by Tony Judt.

Good news is that NaNoWriMo is upon us, so time to make the most of my situation.



Broken leg, Part 1

Some quick facts, so that I can record this somewhere:

On Thursday, I sustained multiple fractures in my left leg. A spiral fracture in the tibia, a single fracture in the fibula, and some indeterminate cracks near the ankle.

Luckily, 911 was called on time, and responded quickly, putting my leg in a splint, before the ambulance arrived to take me to the ER. I had a couple of X-rays taken, and then re-admitted to the hospital. An initial doctor consult described the situation, but prescribed an additional CAT scan. I was told the surgery would be the following afternoon.

The splint was initially removed, which was quite painful, but then added back with a compression sock, and I didn’t feel a lot of pain from Thursday night to Friday afternoon.

On Friday morning, I met the surgeon, who walked me through the options, being both reassuring and overwhelming(!) I waited for afternoon to come around. Post-op, I felt okay. I had a cast from half way down my knee, to my toes.

On Saturday, I had an initial round of Physical Therapy which didn’t go well at all. It was followed by a very useful round of Occupational Therapy, which covered all the basics (dressing, going to the bathroom, etc). More time passed.

On Sunday, I had another round of each and they went well (occupational therapy covered taking a sponge bath and getting dressed again, and physical therapy covered steps, stairs, car doors … good stuff).

I was discharged and came home on Sunday afternoon, and didn’t need any more pain killers.




Resolutions on Writing

Around 2013, I decided to try a few therapeutic writing exercises, and got hooked. Since then I’ve written a lot for fun, though almost entirely pseudonymously.

I’ve written poems off and on at, and variously sized “flash fiction” at (the site shut down some time ago), and for a while posted snippets and rants on Tumblr. All of this was under some made up name; I don’t think I could’ve ever written anything under my real name.

About a year and a half ago, I started writing (and still do) one rambling bag of seven hundred and fifty words (inspired by Of course, this isn’t shared either, just written and thrown away, which is really the whole point.

I did want to push myself to write more under my own name, but this seemed (1) scary, and (2) pointless. Eventually I started the habit of monthly posts, a kind of “curation” attempt.

Right now there are two of these: one focussed on topics relevant to programming or math or science, etc., and one for everything else. The distinction is a bit silly, but it sort of makes sense, and I’ll keep it that way.

I also write once a month on stuff that happened in my life — this avoids the tendency to post frequent status updates, but, eh, I won’t say anything more about that.

It takes me a while to get to the point, and I’ve buried the lede here. My resolution for next year is to write more frequently, and share more of what I write, though exactly what form that takes, I’m not sure.

Most of what I have to say about the world in general ends up being either unnecessarily controversial, or completely boring. So I don’t want to write long blog posts about that. Perhaps I’ll just share more random snippets that I’ve collected over time, with some commentary. Or perhaps the solution is to weave it into less-frequent long-form writing. Dunno.

Some of this has been brought on by NaNoWriMo being round the corner, and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to kill it, but I’m sure going to try. Last year I ended up writing something small and very weird; this time I’m hoping to write something more normal … we’ll see.