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Personal media summary, August 2015

In no particular order:

  • Roughly halfway through “Gravity’s Rainbow”, have rarely enjoyed a book this much.

  • Came across some of the best surreal art I have ever seen, in an art gallery in Maui, by Vladimir Kush (see a bunch of examples here, one of my favorites is above)

  • Saw “Words and Pictures” (because Juliette Binoche), split between good and meh.

  • (funny Youtube stuff) Stumbled on this olden goldie: two Chinese kids lip-synch to Backstreet Boys in their dorm (remember watching it way, way, way back)

  • Watched “The Prestige” again (because it never gets old, it might just be my favorite movie of all time)

  • I like soundtracks, and “Interstellar” was just … exceptional. Here’s something to sample if you’re interested

  • Saw a few videos of Zizek analyzing movies: absolutely brilliant and now I want to watch all the rest. For one that I particularly liked (and in fact, the first one I stumbled across by accident, see this one for “Solaris”).


Monthly recap (August 2015)

This month went by fast.

Tara is now regularly eating breakfast/lunch/dinner, which was unimaginable a while ago, and crawling/standing all over the place, which is a bit scary.

Notable “firsts”:

  • Drinking from a straw
  • Playing in sand
  • Drinking from a cup(!)

I went for a run for the first time since November last year, and will try to run once a week, every week. We’ll see.