Getting Things Done, for Dummies

I’ve never really been very “organized” about anything (those who know me a bit can vouch for this), but I’ve had to get crap done recently, so I’ve been forced to come up with some, uh, systems and processes.

Basically, the three ingredients I feel you need are reminders, lists and some keep-track-and-dump-stuff-thingie (the technical term for such things). I happened to pick on the default Reminders app, Wunderlist and Trello respectively for these, but really anything else will do.

Wunderlist is frequently used, mostly to keep track of recurring things to do weekly/monthly, and for shopping lists, or stuff that’s running out (no more bread? add it to the “Buy list”!)

Trello is lightly used, to keep track of both vague long home projects, and vacation planning, and a catch-all “miscellaneous” board with the standard ‘To Do’, ‘Doing’ and ‘Done’ stacks.

Finally, the basic Reminders app is most heavily used, since I throw in whatever comes to mind, even it’s something like “mail this letter”.

Nothing fancy, all free tools, and I’ve been feeling way less cognitive load for the last couple of months or so.


Just a tree


Made with Brushes on an iPad


Penzu. Use It.

No proselytizing here, I’ll make it brief (140 characters, to be precise):

I use Penzu, you should too. It is awesome. It gets you to do more writing. Your journal is private. Available on the web, iOS, and Android.


Monthly recap (July 2015)

(Intended to make up for an absence of Facebook, and for personal archival … this one is rushed, will do a better job next month!)

Yosemite was the first long-ish “go somewhere and stay there and come back” trip with Tara, and it was a big success (her first bus ride (!) and the first time she sat in a high chair — the park itself was limited this time to a minor flat hike).

This month she also started sitting, standing with support, and drinking water from a “sippy cup” (which, like “onesie”, is a recent addition to my vocabulary). Her activity has shot up, and she vigorously crawls and plays, is extremely curious, and is scarily eager to climb things.

Among not-so-good news is that she had her first fever, to which we obviously over-reacted, and which turned out to be not such a big deal after all.

Other than that, not much. I’m busy and happy 😛


Personal media summary, July 2015

I finished reading listening to Fukuyama’s “The Origins of Political Order” (very interesting stuff), and moved on to his sequel, “Political Order and Political Decay” (correspondingly very boring).

The interesting stuff was basically insights like how the State, Rule of Law and Legitimacy are really three different concepts, and you arrive at various sub-optimal (nevertheless historically real) situations if you pick just one, or mix-and-match any two.

I’m about 10% of the way through “Gravity’s Rainbow”, which is a trip worth taking (and IMHO well suited to a slow read).

I don’t end up watching much TV nowadays, the exception being half of season 1 of “Silicon Valley” which hits a lot of accurate notes, but wasn’t satirical enough for me. No movies either, except “Skeleton Twins”, which turned out to be a good indie-ish movie, though I’m still waiting for something to give me the same reaction that “Little Miss Sunshine” did.